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Monday, November 15, 2010


In what appears as a clear cut trademark infringement case today has learned exclusively* that Buster Posey has stolen the rights to the Rookie of the Year Award from Jason "The J-K's Kid" Heyward. Heyward and the media on his behalf claimed rights at the start of the season to the "National League Rookie of the Year" saying and that Heyward had exclusive rights to the award. Despite Posey's better stats and actual production in the playoffs while playing a tougher position and leading the Giants to their first World Series title in San Francisco Heyward felt he deserved the award because his batting coach back in middle school claimed he would win the Award and thus he had exclusive rights.

When asked for comment about the possible lawsuit and legal ramifications for Posey if he does not return the Rookie of the Year Award to Heyward Buster simply replied: "Try not striking out so fucking much J-Kward!"

Spoken like a true gentleman.

* exclusively=complete and utter bullshit, please don't sue us. It's a joke.

Disclaimer: none of these quotes or any part of this story is factual other than the fact that Posey deserved the Rookie of the Year and Heyward does in fact strike out way too much.

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