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Monday, November 01, 2010


With the way the season has gone for Cam Newton and Auburn I'm pretty positive he could cross dress and pick up strange in gay bars and nobody in Alabama would care. We are now 9 weeks into the season and I'm still having a difficult time picking who the best team in the country is. Auburn has looked incredible but so has Oregon. I think if you played these two teams against each other 10 times they would split down the middle. Everyone wants to talk about Boise State as being the sleeper and for good reason but I think the team you have to look out for is TCU. They are now 3rd in the BCS passing the Broncos and have a huge game against undefeated Utah this Saturday. College Gameday will be there and will give the Hornfrogs their due. If the Gary Patterson led Hornfrogs go undefeated and say one of Oregon or Auburn loses (chances are both could have one loss before Christmas break) then you gotta put TCU in the BCS Title game.

But right now who cares? Cam Newton is living a reality based fairy tale season and it appears only Bama stands in their way for BCS glory.

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