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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I know all of my bowl picks have been right on the money and I've probably made you more than the winning Mega Millions ticket tonight but you got to trust me on this one: Ohio State will not only beat a SEC team in a bowl game but cover the spread. Stop laughing. I'm being dead serious.

Look Arkansas is not that great of a team. Sure they are out of the SEC and from everything we have seen in the past the SEC completely dominates and embarrasses the Big Ten when it comes to football. SEC > Big Ten. We know this. What we don't know is how good Arkansas really is especially when it comes to a BCS Bowl game. They have never played in one and the Buckeyes play in one every year because of the shitty Big Ten conference. Maybe I'm over thinking it but I don't think Arkansas can hang with Ohio State. If Arkansas had Andrew Luck or Cam Newton I would take them straight up. But instead they got Ryan Mallett. A Michigan transfer. Yep. Michigan never beats Ohio State and Mallett won't be the first.

Prediction: Ohio State 31 Arkansas 20

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