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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Talk about a reversal of fortune for two programs. Back when Charlie Weis was coaching Notre Dame Urban Meyer would routinely steal recruits from the Fighting Irish at the last minute (Justin Trattou, Omar Hunter). It was a matter of routine for Urban to tear out the hearts of Notre Dame recruiting fans and eat it. You pretty much expected it.

Moving along to the present we now have Notre Dame stealing Florida recruits. Massive offensive tackle Chase Hounshell had been committed to the Gators for over 6 months but all it took was an in-home visit from head coach Brian Kelly and position coach Ed Warinner just a day after Will Muschamp and his Gator crew visited to get the kid to flip. In other words Kelly and his staff are just straight up stealing house money at this point.

If you are a Gator fan you should be worried about Muschamp and Weis coaching your team. Neither one of them has proven themselves as a head coach and it appears recruits are starting to take notice too. Meanwhile Kelly and his staff continue to get top notch prospects and convince them to either flip to them or stay committed. It's probably because Kelly is a proven winner who no matter what kind of talent he had on his roster he would continue to win. If you are a Notre Dame fan you shouldn't be on the fence anymore with Kelly as the coach. He knows what he is doing. If you are Gator fan I would be really worried.

Karma is a bitch.

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Irish Paul said...

Chase, welcome to South Bend.