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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blake Griffin's 360 behind-the-head dunk

This was the 2011 Dunk Contest winner's first dunk of the night. It was also Blake Griffin's best dunk. The over the car dunk was cool but I don't think the difficulty was as high as this one. Watching it in slow motion is a thing of beauty.

The most impressive dunk of the night and the guy who probably could have won it if it didn't come down to fan voting was Washington's JaVale McGee with this double dunk...

Unfuckinbelievable. The 2011 Dunk Contest was the best ever in my opinion. The first round was insane with all 4 contestants nailing poster perfect dunks. Check out this legit behind the free throw line dunk from Air Congo Serge Ibaka...

...and he finished last. The NBA put on a great show Saturday night. Nobody got killed which is always a plus.

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