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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Irina Shayk is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl

Honestly I don't think I've opened a Swimsuit issue for at least a decade. Shit it might be since high school. I mean what is the point? Since the internet has come around and porn is free I don't get why people want to look at models in swimsuits. But with that ringing endorsement here is 25-year old Russian model Irina Shayk on the cover of SI. She is currently dating soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Good for her. If the modeling thing doesn't work out for her then she can always fall back on Ronaldo's money. I mean look at what happened to last year's cover model in Brooklyn Decker. She fell off the face of the planet soon after the cover hit newstands. In fact I'm pretty sure she is blowing dudes for meth as I type this.

With that thought in the back of your head take a look at these Irina videos....

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