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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Not all is well in Columbus on Signing Day. Incoming recruit Chris Carter was arrested yesterday for fondling girls while pretending to measure and fit them for their ROTC uniforms. HAHA...why the fuck did I never think of that in high school?

Cleveland Police said a 15-year-old girl told officers that Carter took her out of her classroom and into a room behind the JFK auditorium and told her he needed to measure her for the uniform.
"Once inside the room, (Carter) asked the victim to take off her sweatshirt and shirt so he could take her measurements," the police report said. "He cut off the lights. . . and stated 'I need you to take your bra off.' The arrested male than put his arms under her arms from behind and attempted to pull her bra up."
The girl told police she refused to cooperate and left the room.

The future offensive lineman does have the ability to engage with the defenders and takes a hands on approach with his rapist wit. He should fit in quite well with Ohio State.

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