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Monday, February 14, 2011

Serene Branson nails her Grammy report

Next time Serene you might want to stop eating the peanut butter sandwiches before you go on-air. Be a little more professional will ya!

Apparently she had a small stroke. I'm calling bull shit. She fucked up with her one chance of reporting a live story. I don't feel bad for Serene. With the dawn of the YouTube era she is going to be more famous than Katie Kouric by next week. Book it!

Speaking of Grammy Awards, why do so many people give a rat's ass about it? Last night it was a bitching fest on Facebook about how so and so didn't win and this person sucked and blah blah. Dude it's fucking music. No respectful musician gives a shit about a Grammy. Milli fucking Vanilli won a Grammy.

In conclusion: award shows are stupid and the people who follow them are probably the same idiots who attend church because they think it will send them to heaven. God bless all of you but I really know all of you are going to hell. Sweet dreams.

Video via BarStoolSports

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