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Monday, February 07, 2011


I thought overall the Super Bowl commercials were lame. Some of the beer ones were good and I like the Volkswagon one with the kid playing Darth Vader but the other car commercials were terrible. Please stop with the Detroit made, you gotta buy American blah blah propaganda bull shit. Build something nice, affordable, and doesn't break down at 100,000 miles and I will start buying it. Honestly I have no right to knock American cars since I drive a Dodge Durango and before that I was a Jeep guy. I guess I'm a sucker when it comes to American built. On to the original subject at hand and that is Kim Kardashian's ass. Ok her Sketchers commercial. This was suppose to be controversial? So what if the guy is trying to pile drive her. Who wouldn't? Have we swung into the dark ages where you can't show some skin without people flipping out? Are we going to start cutting off cocks and sewing together 'ginas all because there might be a little sex involved with selling a product? Sex sells! Personally I was hoping to see the Kim K-Ray Jay video and then at the very end they could have superimposed some Sketchers on his cock or something. Now that would have been controversial.

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