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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

BYU loses starting center Brandon Davies because he had sex..WTF?

Yeah I know BYU has some bull shit honor code where you can't fuck on campus or smoke a cigarette or whatever but did they seriously just suspend starting center Brandon Davies from the Cougars during a dream season? Holy shit those Mormons actually did it!

SALT LAKE CITY -- BYU officials confirmed Wednesday that starting forward Brandon Davies wasn't involved in anything criminal that resulted in his dismissal from the team.

BYU is in the midst of a dream season. But Brandon Davies' dismissal over the school's honor code is a nightmare for the Cougars, writes Eamonn Brennan. Blog

University spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said an honor code review is under way to determine if the BYU sophomore will be allowed to remain in school, as well as his status with the team next season.

BYU's honor code requires students to live a chaste and virtuous life, be honest, abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse, and attend church regularly.

The school announced the dismissal on Tuesday night after being made aware of the violation Monday -- the same day that BYU (27-2, 13-1 Mountain West) vaulted to No. 3 in the ESPN/USA Today and AP polls.

Davies had started 26 of 29 games and averaged 11.1 points and a team-leading 6.2 rebounds.

God damn it I hate when religion gets in the way of my gambling! Seriously though I hate this kind of shit. The kid is in college. He is an athlete. He wants to have sex. Let him. You know what happens when you tell adults they can't have sex? Well besides marriage they start rebelling and start killing people. Davies is a very important piece of the BYU basketball team and right now they are looking like a legit #1 seed. The fucked up thing about it is if Davies was married to like 5 chicks and banging them all this wouldn't be an issue. He would probably get a statue put right next to Brigham Young. Instead he had a sip of beer and fucked some broad like normal college kids do, didn't commit a crime by any means yet he is off the team and quite possible kicked out of school.

It's just not right. Free Davies!


Anonymous said...

Free Davies!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to be talking about how much money this will end up costing BYU. Stupid, selfish move. This effects the student body more then the team. A final four run would have given BYU the chance to showcase the school, not to mention increased revenue. Oh no he has sex with his girlfriend at 20 years old. I went to a conservative catholic high school, I understand where BYU is coming from, but this is far to extreme for something as insignificant as premarital sex. A slap on the wrist would have sufficed. All this shows me is that the university is stuck in the 1900's.

- An educated moderate UConn student