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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Is the Cam Newton Story about to explode again?

I'm already kind of sick and tired of mentioning this story but apparently we might be getting ready for a second dose of Cam juice. And yes it tastes disgusting. There are new allegations about to come out revolving around Cam Newton actually being present during a taped audio conversation in which money was discussed for the supposedly "play-for-pay" Heisman Trophy winner. The audio tape apparently involves Cecil Newton and former Mississippi State players John Bond and Bill Bell with Cam in the room. The has more to the story...

The host of a Huntsville, Ala., sports talk radio show says he has heard audio tapes, allegedly in the possession of former Mississippi State players John Bond and Bill Bell, that implicate the dual-threat signal-caller in his father, Cecil’s, pay-for-play scheme that was investigated by the NCAA.

Scott Moore, an Alabama fan and a college football speaker, said Friday during a radio interview with WNSP in Mobile, Ala., that he heard tapes of Cecil Newton selling his son's services to Mississippi State while Cam was in the room. Moore also claimed that Cecil Newton said he had received an offer from Tennessee for $200,000, but that he’d give Mississippi State a $20,000 discount.

According to Barrett Sallee of, however, Moore contradicted himself regarding the amount supposedly offered by Tennessee. In an interview on Mississippi-based 1st Call with Matt Wyatt one day before the interview in Mobile, Moore stated that Tennessee offered $150,000 for Newton’s services and not $200,000.

Of course, Auburn and Tennessee are the Crimson Tide's two biggest rivals and both are implicated in Moore’s claim.

Now it looks like Tennessee might have been involved and honestly who wouldn't be surprised especially if Lane Kiffin was still the coach. Or it could all be BS created by Cecil to drive up Cam's price. It's all conjecture at this point and until I see an actual money trail going from point A (Auburn or someone affiliated with the program) to point B (Cam or Cecil) then there is nothing the NCAA can do about it. Maybe rules were broken and maybe they weren't. At this point I want proof and not rumors. If someone took $200K there should be someone who is in the know who is willing to sell their story to make a lot of money. Until then we just have bitter Mississippi State and Alabama fans grasping at straws to discredit Cam Newton and Auburn. All is fair in love and college football.

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