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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The new Adidas commercial has Notre Dame in it...not Michigan

Sorry Michigan. You couldn't cut it for the newest Adidas commercial. I think I saw a quick glance of a Wolverines helmet in there. Unfortunately it was when Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph was reaching for the goal line and Michigan defenders were dropping like flies. Sucks to be a Wolverine.


Anonymous said...

Oh in the game Michigan won?

Unknown said...

Michigan won that game. Michigan taught ND to play football. Michigan owns ND!

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, ND is one of the worst college football teams to have in a commercial right now. At least Michigan has Denard Robinson. I haven't had a reason to watch a ND game in years.

Lumen Veritatis said...

Michigan did win! And adidas still chose to use that clip because Americans across the country identify with and cheer for the Irish! Even in defeat, ND > Fichigan.