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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tommy Zbikowski returning to pro boxing, fights March 12th

It looks like an old familiar friend of the SportsCrack is getting back into the ring. Baltimore Ravens safety Tommy Zbikowski is scheduled to return to the pro boxing ring on March 12 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand as one of the undercard fights headlined by the main event of Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga.

Tommy Z has fought professionally once before in 2006 when he was a junior safety for Notre Dame. He knocked out some chump named Robert Bell in the first round at the Madison Square Garden. If you don't recall the fight here it is with most of his Notre Dame football teammates in attendance...

Before Tommy Z fights he needs to get his Nevada State license on March 8th. This shouldn't be a problem since he has fought professionally before and has 90 amateur boxing matches (75-15 record). This actually makes a lot of sense for Tommy Z with the impending NFL Lockout set to start in 15 hours. Zibby is a restricted free agent for the Ravens who isn't under contract so he has the freedom to fight and not void his NFL contract.

Personally I can't wait to see Tommy Z fight again. An opponent hasn't been named yet but you figure it has to be someone decent especially if it's the undercard to the Mayorga/Cotto fight. He is fighting as a cruiserweight after previously fighting as a heavyweight back in 2006. A cruiserweight is just under 200 lbs. The fight is a four-round bout. I hadn't even planned on ordering the fight but now with Tommy Z fighting you can pretty much assume it will be on my TV. If you are a Notre Dame fan or Tommy Z fan this should be pretty exciting. I wonder if he comes out in green shorts with a shamrock for Notre Dame or he comes out in something purple for the Ravens?

Tommy Z turn to pro boxing via ProFootballTalk

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