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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

#1 Pick Bryce Harper Blows Kiss To Pitcher After Hitting a Home Run

Big League Stew posted this video last night of Bryce Harper, the MLB 2010 1st pick phenom, hitting a massive home run for Class A Hagerstown and then doing a slow Barry Bonds-like trot before blowing a kiss to the opposing pitcher. I've heard constant rumors about teammates not favoring Bryce and I figured some of that could be out of jealousy and some of it could be because the kid is a dick. After watching this video I'm going to go with dick. Yeah. The next pitch Harper needs to see is right at his throat.

Actually I can't wait for this kid to make it to the majors. The game needs a good villain and Harper seems immature enough to take over the reigns. Plus he plays for the Nationals so it will be fun to see him come into the ATL and try to pull that shit at The Ted.

HT to Andrew from the band Dielectric Sound

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