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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Notre Dame's new receivers gloves look pretty tight

Do I want a pair? Uh yeah.

Chances of getting some? Less than zero.

Adidas just sent these badboys out to Notre Dame for next season and already I am extremely jealous they won't be available to the public. So now I got a figure a way to get my hand on some of these gloves. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and the moaning you hear is from the old farts, or blue hairs as I call them, who say this kind of stuff goes against tradition.


Anonymous said...

Sit near the tunnell as they leave the field after the game. Last year I yelled, "Bennett!" at Bennett Jackson and he threw me his. They were intercepted though.


MichaelinDublin said...

I have a game worn glove from the Emerald isle Classic which took place in dublin this past September. It's the right glove and it features most of the leprechaun. There is a small tear on the palm side of the index finger and on the back of the glove it features the Irish Tri-Color. Super rare.

Don't know who it belongs to but it got a lot of game time due to the grass stains and the fact that there is a small blood stain on the kunckle of the 4th finger (one in from the pinky)

Glove size is 3XL...


MichaelinDublin said...