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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dan Patrick Wonders Why Craig James Isn't Suspended but Bruce Feldman Is

Video via SportsGrid

Unless you have been hiding underneath a massive rock on a deserted island you have heard about the grave injustice ESPN committed yesterday in suspending indefinitely college football writer Bruce Feldman for his involvement with the Mike Leach book Swing Your Sword. It was strange considering he got permission from ESPN to help coauthor the book. broke the story yesterday and immediate outrage was felt throughout the media world with seismic rumbles going through Twitter and Facebook in support of Feldman for simply doing his job. Rival colleagues and fellow writers all came to Feldman's defense while ESPN isn't saying anything. It all comes down to Mike Leach's dismissal at Texas Tech two years ago in which ESPN's own Craig James son Adam was the main reason why Leach lost his job due to "electrical closet" situation. Turns out it was all bullshit and Leach did not force Adam into a closet after a concussion. ESPN failed to mention any of the actual facts on the case and continued to slander Leach with the help of a PR firm employed by the Pony himself Craig. Apparently James has so much pull at ESPN he has become the modern day Illuminati (credit to Drew Magary for coming up with that) of college football.

The truth is James is a douchebag and an asshole who couldn't deal with the fact his son sucked ass at football and was forced to third team tailback at Texas Tech. Instead of facing the truth James concocted a smear campaign against Adam's coach in Leach and eventually got the guy fired despite leading the Red Raiders to bowl games and wins over the #1 teams such as Texas. Unfortunately the James train claimed another victim yesterday in Feldman who by all accounts is a honest, diligent, and great college football writer who was simply doing his job. The little guy got the shaft. FUCK ESPN and FUCK Craig James.

And to top it all off James is playing dumb on his twitter:

craigjames32 craig james
Respected colleague & friend of Feldman since early 90's. Surprised! Saw this in news like y'all

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