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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Georgia Tech fined $100k and must vacate 2009 ACC Title

Talk about some news coming out of left field today the NCAA came down on Georgia Tech with a hefty fine of $100,000, taking away their 2009 ACC football championship, and placing them on four years probation all because Demaryius Thomas accepted $312 in free clothing from a friend. Wait a second! That can't be right. Let me check my facts again.

Yep. The NCAA laid the hammer down on Georgia Tech because they got the feeling Tech officials weren't cooperating with them during their investigation into both the football and basketball programs. Since Tech had previous "violations" back in the late 90's they are considered a repeat violator and hence the hefty fine and the stripping of the ACC Championship flag.

Listen we all know who won the shitty ACC football conference in 2009. Tech. Today's NCAA ruling does nothing when it comes to people's perceptions of which team actually won in front of a half filled stadium in Jacksonville. Absolutely nothing. What hurts is the $100K fine. Who pays that? Does a booster just reach in his pocket and write a check or does the program suffer with less scholarships to give? I honestly don't know how it works.

Looking at the big picture I'm surprised the NCAA made such a big deal out of Thomas accepting some free clothing from a friend. I obviously don't know all the facts but if I was in college on academic scholarship (I know I'm laughing as I type it) and somebody offered me some free clothing at Gap or Old Navy I sure as hell would accept it. But the thing is the person on academic scholarship wouldn't suffer from public ridicule and their academic program wouldn't be slammed with a hefty fine because of some free clothing. It's kind of stupid when you think about it.

But anyways now on to the big picture. What happens to the football programs at Ohio State, North Carolina, and Oregon? They all committed more serious "violations" where money was exchanged and coaches and compliance departments tried to cover up the infractions. Do they get the "death penalty" since Tech got hammered today for $312 in free clothing?

What do you think?

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