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Monday, August 08, 2011

Caddie Steve Williams Needs A Reality Check

Do you swing the clubs? Negative.

Do you play on the PGA Tour? Negative.

Have you made a shitload of money carrying a bag? Positive.

Did Tiger Woods make you a household name? Positive.

Are you an asshole for your attitude after Tiger fired you? Fucking A.

In conclusion "caddie" Steve Williams comes off as a positive A asshole for taking away the spotlight from Adam Scott's win yesterday at Bridgestone and putting it on himself. You are a fucking bag carrier and a prick to boot. Go suck on that Kiwi.

I'm going to the PGA Championship this week. I think I found my #1 guy to heckle. The douche who carries the sticks who thinks he is the winner of all these tournaments. How about having a little appreciation for Tiger giving you the opportunity to be his caddie? Unbelievable. Stevie comes off as a spoiled brat who just got his BMW taken away because he was late for curfew.

1 comment:

walkie talkie said...

When you go this weekend you should jump the ropes and beat his ass. Wear a sportscrack t-shirt and the fines will be less than a National TV ad. I'll be chearing you on from home.