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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ohio State Cleared To Play Ball

According to Yahoo Sports Columnist Dan Wetzel the Ohio State meeting with the NCAA is over and the Buckeyes program has been cleared of any wrongdoing.


The Buckeyes put the sole blame on departed head coach Jim Tressel. They said everything was his fault and the reason why the program was committing so many infractions was based on Tressel. It wasn't the players. It wasn't the other coaches. It wasn't the boosters. It wasn't Brutus. Just Jim Tressel.

And it worked. They let go of Tressel and with it all the sanctions that could have been forced upon the program including scholarship reductions and bowl bans are nonexistent.

If you are a USC fan you should be royally pissed off right now because you got fucked by the NCAA. Ohio State got off with a slap to the wrist despite rampant player infractions. USC lost scholarships and bowl appearances because of one player: Reggie Bush. I guess Ohio State had better lawyers than USC. Because I don't understand the logic of punishing USC so severely if you aren't going to do the same thing with Ohio State.

The Buckeyes will now resume their dominance over the Big Ten. Nothing to see here.

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