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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yadier Molina goes ape shit and spits on an umpire

I would just like to point out the pitch was a strike. But who am I to argue with Yadier Molina? Molina will no doubt be suspended for numerous games after bumping and spitting on ump Rob Drake last night. It seems like as the temperature continues to rise so do the tempers of both players and umpires. Obviously Molina didn't mean to spit on Drake. He didn't pull a full on Robbie Alomar here. Molina was probably more pissed at himself for taking a third strike in the 10 inning then at Drake and thought the only way he could vent his frustrations was by yelling at the umpire. Not a bad acting job by Drake here either. Nobody likes a close talker and the only way to get out of it is by acting like you are being hit by projectiles. In other words pull a Kramer.

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