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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ohio State Is Bringing Out the Power Ranger Uniforms Too

Come on Nike. These "Pro Combat" uniforms have to stop. They are disgraceful. This is almost a carbon copy of those hideous ones Georgia wore against Boise State. I know Jacory Harris is starting for Miami but I think I might have to bet on the Hurricanes just because the Buckeyes will be wearing these god awful uniforms. Plus I lost money last week on Ohio State for not covering against Toledo so the smart money is to go with Miami at home.

EDIT: Shit nevermind about the Miami game. Buckeyes are wearing these October 29th vs Wisconsin.

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Zachary said...

It's not as bad as Georgia's because there's actually some other color besides red. I don't think any one piece is great, but together, it's alright. The odd thing about grey being associated with OSU is how ugly it looks on a uniform and how it doesn't go well with red. I give credit for Nike trying to do something with it, but I'm not sure any design would look nice with those colors.