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Friday, September 02, 2011


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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FOOTBALL! Is anyone else as pumped as I am? McPeters is back and kicking for sure! Let's talk Cinderella stories that quickly turn into nightmares. Boise is coming to Dixie and the Broncos are going to be turned into Dawg food! I'm predicting Demolition in the Dome, UGA 31 Boise 17. Here's why...

Boise returns Kellen Moore who came in 4th in Heisman voting last year. The lefty is good, there's no doubt about it. In his career, he has 10,867 yards, 99 touchdowns, and only 19 interceptions. I'm not going to go into the cupcake schedule and inflated stats due to only facing 6 AQ teams in his three years at the helm, but I will mention he is a lofty 0 - 4 versus the SEC and though he may end up college football's winningest QB after this year, he will also be 0 - 5 against the SEC after Saturday. Losing his top two targets in Austin Pettis and Titus Young are not going to help his chances against a Dawgs D that is big and FAST.

Despite Moore's Heisman credentials, let's not discount Aaron Murray who set a few SEC freshman records last year and if you look at the stats of the QBs against AQ teams, Murray actually outproduces Moore in yards per attempt (8.4 for Moore to 9.8 for Murray) and QB rating (159.4 for Moore to 162.67 for Murray). Add in that Murray has tons more experience facing AQ teams and you can easily conclude that Murray's number can be seen as consistent. You may talk about Murray losing A.J. Green, but when Murray didn't target Green, he still had a yards per attempt average of 8.4. For those of you not familiar with these stats, Murray would still be a top 20 QB.

Doug Martin, Boise's starting RB is a beast. With 201 carries for 1,260 yards, and 12 TDs in 2010, Martin will be the most proven back on the field, but no one can say he is the most talented. That title will belong to Freshman Isaiah Crowell, the ESPN #1 running back from the 2011 class. According to team mates, he is every bit as advertised and personally, I can't wait to watch him run behind the #1 rated center in the country, Ben Jones, and the #1 rated guard in the country, Cordy Glenn.

Image courtesy of the Associate Press

There is not a deeper, more experienced, more talented tandem of Tight Ends ANYWHERE in the country than at the University of Georgia. With preseason All-American Orson Charles leading the way, Aaron White, Arthur Lynch, and the 2011 #1 TE Jay Rome, former starter Bruce Figgins is going to be opening holes as a FB. UGA has a legitimate opportunity to go to a 4 deep Tight End set and flex out Charles with Figgins coming out of the back field. Imagine the hell that creates for a D trying to match up assignments. Boise has a good TE themselves, but there is no way he can carry the cleats of the UGA Tight End tandem.

While Boise has a hell of a tackle in Nate Potter, he's going to have a fun time blocking Kwame Geathers, John Jenkins, Deangelo Tyson, Abry Jones and Derrick Lott. Not to mention year 2 in the 3-4. Anyone know what happened at Alabama in year 2 when the D understand base assignments and were allowed to unleash the rush from all angles?!?! You guessed in, National Championship. PS, I'm not predicting a NC for UGA in 2011 just yet, but it isn't out of the question.

The defensive secondary at UGA has been having an outstanding preseason and will be ready to hit the Boise receivers early and often. To be honest, I simply don't think the Boise secondary is ready for the size, speed, and athleticism of UGA's young receivers. Neither team has much of a proven playmaker at receiver so I'm anxious to see how both corps shake out on the field.

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The biggest advantage UGA has is the special teams. Let's face it, special doesn't describe Drew Butler and Blair Walsh. Since their freshman seasons, they have been looked at for every specialist award possible. Not to mention the dangerous duo of returners in Brandon Boykin and Branden Smith. Does Boise even have a kicker?!?!

In conclusion, I'm a homer, I know it, and so do you, but Boise is outmatched this time and they are no longer Cinderella. The nation is tired of the woe is me attitude of the Blue Turf Smurfs and UGA is going to put some of that attitude to rest Saturday in the Dome. Get ready to roll Dawg Fans! Make the Dome rock on Saturday!!!

"The thing about Georgia... is that it never leaves you. No matter where you go in life. Athens...the Arch...the history of's just part of the fiber that is me" Fran Tarkenton


Zachary said...

Not only is Georgia going to lose, but they're going to look ugly while doing it.

McPeters said...

What's your rationale? I'd love to debate with you about it...

Zachary said...

The unquantifiable--Boise State wanted it more and they have an attitude of winning about them that you can only get from having winning experience. That Boise senior class was much more battle-hardened than Georgia's. This also applied to the Notre Dame game today, but I would say that that program's environment is even more toxic than Georgia's because they've burned through coaches who couldn't provide immediate results. This was a case of two programs with less respect but on the upswing beating two big name opponents who just aren't happy.

McPeters said...

I can completely agree with you Zach. Both games were miserable. I'm hoping a better season is in store, but I'm starting to doubt things and I've been on Team Richt throughout everything thus far. At this point, you just have to look to next week and hope for a lot of lessons learned from both schools.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

It's time for Richt to go. The team doesn't respond to him.