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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What if The Spelling Bee Worked Like The BCS

Via comes this brilliant reenactment of a little girl coming in 4th place in the Spelling Bee because of the BCS despite spelling all her words correctly. See we still have Georgia fans and media personalities around Atlanta arguing that Boise State still isn't "good enough" to survive a tough conference like the SEC because they have blue turf and play in Idaho. This despite the fact that Boise beat the shit out of them in front of their homefans. And you still have pundits saying TCU and Utah don't deserve National Title consideration despite beating PAC-10 and SEC teams in major bowl games. The BCS is a joke and we can all agree with that but the fat cats (college presidents, bowl CEO's, commissioners, corporate sponsors, etc.) who line their pockets with money from the corrupt bowl system will never change it because it makes too much sense....for them.

When you watch college football please try to watch most of the games and think for yourselves instead of relying on ESPN to shape your opinion.

Go ahead and cue the elitist dipshits who will email me the SEC is the best conference blah blah blah and make up excuses for others not to be included in the BCS Championship talk. Those emails are about as funny to read as when I came out with the Catholics vs Convicts shirts and I got emails from Miami bloggers and fans that I was unjustly labeling the Miami program a bunch of thugs.

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Zachary said...

I think that superconferences could eventually lead to a playoff system in college football. If there's four, maybe six, total, that lends itself much better to a playoff, rather than many conferences with only six granted a magical AQ status. Although, I guess that you could argue that without any non-AQ busters, the BCS will be set in stone forever. I just think that people in the future will find a way to still make money through playoffs and give the people what they want.