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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Denard Robinson's Ex Girlfriend Hacked His Twitter Account

Ok let me try to say this as nicely as possible without sounding like a dick and offending my wife, family etc. But what the fuck did Denard Robinson's ex-girlfriend expect? The guy is in college, famous, and probably has every chick with two legs hitting on him and telling him they would do anything for him. Of course he is going to cheat on you. See there is a different code when it comes to famous people and boring people like myself and the other 6 people who read this blog. We don't have females throwing themselves at us. I honestly can't remember the last time a girl tried to get in my pants. And yes I'm including my wife. Love you honey! I can only imagine what it's like for Shoelace. He's the big man on campus. We all know Ann Arbor is a Whore. Denard can't help himself. He's only human. It's like this Ashton Kutcher fucking two chicks in a hot tub story. Of course he is. The guy is fucking famous. Why wouldn't he? I guess I just never understand why these girls get mad when they should know what they are getting into. And the roles could be reverse quite honestly. If I was dating some famous chick, say Jennifer Aniston, I would fully expect her to be banging other dudes on the side. It's a fucked up world but it's the truth. Famous athletes and celebrities don't have to follow the rules. They make them.

Twitter image via BarStoolSports

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