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Monday, November 07, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Still Is Free and Wearing Penn State Clothing Proudly

LostLettermen has this ABC's "Good Morning America" interview with child rapist Jerry Sandusky who will neither confirm nor deny he rapes boys in the Penn State locker room. What a swell guy too! If you are a Penn State supporter you have to love the fact Sandusky is smiling while sporting his Nittany Lion attire even though he has been banned from ever stepping foot on their campus.

If you haven't already go read the 23 page report from the Attorney General on what exactly Sandusky did and check it out before you want my opinion. But please read it after you have had your lunch because it is that disgusting.

There is nothing more morally reprehensible than a child getting raped. Sandusky apparently has had 8 victims come forward when there are probably dozens more. He founds ways to use his power as a defensive coordinator for Penn State under Joe Paterno to get access to "troubled" boys by founding a children's charity called Second Mile. He would then get the boys to come to his house and rape them. He would also rape them on campus in the Penn State locker room while taking showers with them. A graduate assistant who is now the quarterback coach for Penn State witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the shower in 2002. Obviously distraught he notified his Dad and then Paterno the next day. Neither of these three men went to the police.

Again Paterno, the graduate assistant and the father of the graduate assistant all knew about Sandusky screwing a young boy in the anus in the Penn State showers with the graduate assistant witnessing it himself and yet no one thought to go to the police. That in itself is fucking deplorable. Paterno senile old ass instead notified athletic director Tim Curley (since fired) and Gary Schultz, the university's senior vice president for finance and business. None of them ever contacted the police to report the incident.

A janitor witnessed Sandusky pinning a boy against the shower stall and giving oral sex. Still no one notified police. In order for Penn State to move forward from this horrifying tale it needs to clean house. The President of the University is already voicing his support for Curley, Schultz and Paterno. He needs to be fired too.

Obviously what Sandusky did as a sexual predator is the worse of the crimes but the fact that none of these "authority" figures at Penn State who found out yet did nothing to report it to the police are equally pieces of shit in my book. JoePa should never coach a game again. He's already hiding behind his lawyer. Same with the others.

Fuck them. They should all be in the State Penn and not Happy Valley. If you are a Penn State fan I feel for you today. There is no way I could in good conscious ever support the university or wear clothing showing my support after reading about all of these men who knew of children getting raped by one of their own yet did nothing to stop it.


Anonymous said...

100% agreed. Sandusky is a lowlife scumbag piece of shit who deserves to rot in hell forever. and everyone that was aware of this, including joe pa, should be fired. legacy be damned. your legacy is forever tarnished paterno for not being a man and reporting this waste of life to authorities. said...

Sandusky is a MAN who sodomizes MALES therefore he is GAY.

Why is this fact being censored?

Anonymous said...

I truly can't believe jerry is alive. I'm a woman & if I was 1 of those moms I would get a piece off the streets, wait till jerry takes out his trash & ka-boom, throw the piece in some random trash can. Why is this so challenging for people to figure out?

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