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Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of Penn State and Joe Paterno

Not too shabby SNL. Maybe now I can stop getting comments from the peanut gallery about our JoePa Creepy Valley shirt.

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HGH said...

Apparently unaware of the legal pain in the face of a former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, the Devil, which he thought met the heat of the scandal Penn State recruiting, appeared on "Weekend Update" host Seth Meyers where he told that he never thought would never have been a recruiting scandal at the university. said...

Obama to Pardon Child Molester Sandusky

It was revealed today in leaked White House memos that President B H Obama is set to grant a full pardon to infamous Penn State pederast Jerry Sandusky.

College Football was shaken by revelations that Coach Joe Paterno allowed Sandusky access to the campus after it had been revealed that Sandusky was exploiting young boys for homosexual rape.

In a shocking development Obama Administration officials Chai Feldblum and Arne Duncan lobbied the President on behalf "the LGBT community" to pardon Sandusky and sought to characterize homosexuals who rape young boys as "Minor Attracted Persons" in keeping with the U.S. Department of Health (DOH) declaring children are "sexual beings".

The U.S DOH states that minors ".. may 'experiment' sexually with members of the same sex regardless of whether they are gay or straight." So according to the DOH Penn State was simply helping boys experiment sexually with members of the same sex, namely coach Sandusky.

It is speculated that President Obama will seek to award the Medal of Freedom to Coach Sandusky for his 'tireless efforts at recruiting for the 'gay' community" and repeal of DOMA as well as combating "hatred, intolerance and homophobia and racism."- the addition of "racism" as evidently due to Sandusky's preference for abusing boys "of color" who were in his care.

Obama's speech is said to make reference to Harvey Milk proudly marching alongside members of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) in the 1970's and commends Coach Sandusky as a "pioneer" in "civil rights for all Americans"