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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stanford's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms vs Notre Dame

Ever since I can remember Stanford has always worn cardinal red and white. This week however they will be sporting the new Nike Pro Combat Uniforms with red and black. It basically looks like a steady mixture of Ohio State's and Georgia's Power Rangers uniform they wore vs Boise State concocted by the brass of Nike. For one game I have no problem with it and I'm sure Andrew Luck and his teammates will have fun with them. The uniforms are kind of boring looking but the helmet I think is very cool. If anything maybe the black helmets will make Stanford look faster when Michael Floyd is running past them.


Anonymous said...

Those uniforms are to look pretty damn good when the Irish pull the upset

Zach said...

Overall, I was disappointed with this year's Pro Combat lot. Navy or LSU got the best of the bunch (Oregon's Ninja Duck really wasn't that different from their all black to begin with). After that, there was a noticeable drop-off.

Anonymous said...

Michael Floyd looked pretty good...definitely a Sunday player but the rest of the team blew. Glad to see the paint not peeling off the ND helmets as in past seasons. They look sharp! The Stanford players like the new look (I was on the sideline) but I think they should use it sparingly.