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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Atlanta Falcons Fan Goes Off

Losing 24-2 to the lowly Ginas was frustrating as hell. The Falcons can't win playoff games with Matt Ryan behind center. Plain and simple. Complete and utter "Mularkey!" But this Atlanta Falcons fan cracked me up. He basically said everything I had on my mind minus the N word when the Falcons were getting curb stomped by a fucking New York team. Being an Atlanta fan sucks. It just does. There is never a reward at the end. Never. If we are lucky enough to make the playoffs then you are damn well sure it's going to be one and out.

Now that football season is over at least I can go to some Thrashers games. I can't wait to rock it down in Philips. Who wants to join me?

Video via Will the Thrill


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Anonymous said...

Shit I spent $30 on this hat lol

Anonymous said...

The video?

"Its GOLD jerry....GOLD!"