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Monday, January 09, 2012

Bama Wins Snoozefest

Well that was a shitty ending to a pretty good college football season. Oh well. Bama wins their 480th National Title (remember Bama fans can't count) and Nick Saban gets his 3rd. Les Miles for some reason decided not to show up tonight. Too much Bourbon.



Anonymous said...

What a joke of a game plan by Miles and his staff, a 10 year old could have called a better game

JTC-CKD said...

That's a very attractive turd cutter.

Anonymous said...

Do think it was bad play calling or just a smothering ASS KICKING? I do not believe Ol' Les, the grass muncher, had much of a choice but to turn around, bend over and get his ass kicked back to Baton Rouge.
Roll Tide 21, Tigers Zereaux!

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Combination of both. Really bad game plan plus play calling and you have to give credit to Bama's defense.