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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ESPN Ticker Plays Mean Game With Fired Coach Jim Caldwell

The Colts just fired head coach Jim Caldwell but according to ESPN he will return. You can always rely on ESPN with breaking OPPOSITE news.

Via Paulie Pabst


Anonymous said...

they also sent out a text alert
at 2:33 they told me he would be retained
at 2:50 they said he'd be fired

Anonymous said...

To be fair, all it says it that he'll "return." Maybe they meant he'll return to the unemployment office. Or maybe they meant they had breaking news that he'll return to Bennigan's for another helping of their baby back ribs.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sage Steele. I watched her give that announcement on tv. 2 minutes later I got in my car and on local ESPN radio they started talking about Caldwell's firing. Not being a Colts fan I couldn't help but laugh.