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Monday, January 30, 2012

Phil Steele Releases His Projected Preseason AP Top 10

If you are a college football junkie like myself I'm sure you have heard of Phil Steele. Steele is the encyclopedia of college football knowledge. He literally knows everything. I claim to know a lot about the sport but frankly I'm sure on my best day I have about 20-30% of the information that Steele has running through his head. Steele just released his projected preseason AP Top 10 teams for 2012. He usually nails 9 out of the top 10 teams so it's a great barometer for where your favorite team might land next year in the polls.

Here is his top 10:

10. West Virginia

9. Arkansas

8. FSU

7. Michigan

6. Georgia

5. Oklahoma

4. Oregon

3. Alabama

2. USC

1. LSU

I had 8 of his top 10 teams in my preseason poll. Where we disagreed were with Georgia and FSU. Having watched both teams extensively last season while they may have top 10 talent it was hard for me see either one as a top 10 team considering how they performed when they faced good competition. Of course things can change from season to season but it seems like every year FSU is extremely overrated (still living off their haydays before the turn of the century) and Georgia is not even close to the elite SEC teams of Alabama and LSU but then again they don't have to play either till the SEC Championship.

Of course both FSU and Georgia could be a couple of elite recruits away from getting back to top 10 status. We will have to wait and see in 2 days.

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