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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rob Lowe Confirms In Tweet That Peyton Manning Will Retire

Sorry Adam Schefter and Mort! you've been fucking scooped by an actor who became famous for a sex tape. Ladies and gents Mr. Rob Lowe is reporting (or tweeting) that Peyton Manning has retired.

#Colts fans, let's hope my info is wrong. Don't like being wrong, but this time... I'm hoping #NFL #Manning
2 hours ago

RobLowe Rob Lowe
@richeisen My people are saying Manning will retire today. What do you hear? #NFL
2 hours ago

RobLowe Rob Lowe
Hearing my fave, #18 Peyton Manning will not return to #NFL. Wow. #Colts

This comes as no surprise. I've been saying for months that Manning would never play again. The guy has had 3 neck surgeries. One awkward hit and he could become as worthless as Matt Ryan in the playoffs. Don't feel bad for ole Peyton. He got himself a ring and hundreds of millions in the bank. Now if brother Eli gets another ring I will feel kinda bad for Peyton. It would suck to know your little brother with much less talent won twice as many Super Bowls as yourself. Just ask Cooper.

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