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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ronald Darby to FSU?

Notre Dame gained a 5 star recruit this week when Gunner Kiel enrolled but now it appears they may have lost a 5 star player to FSU. Ronald Darby, an electric cornerback with world class speed, appears to be headed to FSU after de committing from Notre Dame according to Ricardo Louis, a recent WR flip to FSU from Auburn.

"He was committed to Notre Dame and then he decomitted because he wanted to open up his options, which is what I what I want to do," Louis said. "We were talking about how much we like Florida State and he was telling me if I go there that he would go there too. Just talked about how much we liked it basically."

Losing a player with Darby's speed is a huge loss for ND and it comes at a big time position need at corner. With Yuri Wright kicked out of high school because of graphic tweets expect Notre Dame to back away from recruiting Wright while leaving only Tee Shepard as a true cornerback in this class. With starters Gary Gray and Robert Blanton both gone to graduation and the NFL Notre Dame has an immediate need for cornerbacks to contribute right away.

Brian Kelly and his staff will continue to recruit Darby until he signs his letter of intent and are also trying to flip Florida commit Brian Poole from Florida and convince Anthony Standifer from Illinois to wear the Blue and Gold next season.

Right now chalk a win for FSU in the recruiting battle by getting Darby. Now Kelly needs to counteract and make sure they get bodies in at a position that could be the difference between a couple of wins and losses in 2012.


Cheese-Whistle Mcstink said...

Somebody should beat the shit out of him for having such shitty tattoos. Truly Blessed? Seriously? What a douche.

Sean said...

I actually think they will be ok at the corner position. Losing Gray will help (yes I'm a gray hater) you still have Josh Atkinson and Jalen Brown who haven't seen the field at that position yet but with Bennett Jackson and Lo Wood maybe starting mix in Shepard and the other 3 incoming freshman DB's who Kelly may try out at CB they should be ok, losing Darby does hurt though and when was the last time ND even had a player with dreads (Trevor Laws???)

Nicole said...

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