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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Artie Lange Kills It With His "Boston" Rap

Boston-"The City where Bucky Dent made the Red Sox look like the cast of Rent!"

Boston-"Where dreams are people don't matter!"

Boston-"Where the White House is holy, unless you are the Bruins jerk-off goalie!"

Boston-"Where if a brotha gets mouthy, he gets dropped off in Southie!"

Boston-"You know Brady is always going to have game, even if his first kid don't share his last name!"

Boston-"This town is a big joke, where Len Bias bought bad coke!"

Boston-"Manning to Cruz, get ready to lose!"

Boston-"People leave here and they show no remorse, like Wade Boggs in pinstripes riding on a horse!"

Boston-"Last year the Red Sox had a team to remember, they would have won it all if it wasn't for a little thing called September!"

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