Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oklahoma State Just Upped The Ante In Shady College Football Ethics

Sure Ohio State had it's Liar Liar Vest on Fire scandal and Miami had it's Boats N Hoes but this new story about Oklahoma State taking out life insurance policies on their own boosters makes me sick to my stomach. Seriously I got to take a shit after reading this...

T. Boone gave some bad advice. Oklahoma State’s athletics department took out $10 million life insurance polices on 27 elderly boosters in 2007. The scheme was expected to reel in as much as $350 million. The Cowboys paid $33 million in premiums over two years before canceling the policies in 2009, when not one of the old codgers passed from this earth.

OSU tried to get out on a technicality, though a U.S. District Judge ruled the life insurance company could keep the money. This is sort of like that time where the athletics department lost $77 million investing in T. Boone’s hedge fund before the financial crisis.

How is this even legal? Taking out life insurance policies on some of your old boosters just smells wrong. I know college football programs gamble every year with huge overhead but you have to be kidding me with this shit.

I think we have to make a shirt for this right? It only seems fair. Best idea sent in gets a FREE SHIRT.

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