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Monday, March 19, 2012

Reportedly Peyton Manning Picks The Broncos

Well if you ever wondered if Tim Tebow was going to lose his virginity never fear because Peyton Manning just screwed him. Not really but this is definitely a bold move by John Elway and the Denver Broncos organization.

Manning was reportedly down to San Francisco (who just signed Randy Moss and Mario Manningham to help entice Peyton) and Denver and apparently the Elway connection sealed the deal. Supposedly Manning and Elway are close and it probably didn't hurt to know that Elway won two Super Bowls after the age of 35 in Denver. Personally I'm still skeptical that Manning will have anything left in the tank.

So what happens to Tebow? Well Jacksonville would seem like a good fit but they just signed Chad Henne. Brady Quinn is no longer in Denver as he signed a free agent contract with the Chiefs this weekend so there is room for Tebow as a backup to Manning for at least the next year. Manning is one hit from his career being over so it would be a little early to say Tebowmania is done in the Mile High City.

I'm still lost why Manning didn't choose San Francisco. They got to the NFC Championship last year behind a great defense and they have playmakers on the offensive side of the ball in Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Moss and now Manningham. Plus they have a young, good offensive line and were shopping Alex Smith. The only reason I can think of not going to the 49ers is because Peyton wanted to stay in the AFC.

2 comments: said...

Manning is a class act. The Coach of the 49ers is a classless bully and a nutjob.

Jim Harbaugh will be out of league in a few seasons and probably a litigant in a civil ( or criminal) case for assault-

Manning is a grown up and would not do well in a locker room like the Niners

Good analysis re Tebow as a back up

Zach said...

If Manning becomes crippled after his first blind-side sack, Elway is going to look like the biggest dumb fuck, especially if he trades Tebow.