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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jeff Francoeur Is A Good Guy, Buys 20 Pizzas For Fans In Oakland Stands

Many baseball fans will remember Jeff Francoeur as the can't miss Atlanta Braves prospect who was dubbed "The Natural" when he exploded onto the MLB scene 6 years ago. Today he is the did miss prospect who now occupies right field for the Kansas City Royals after playing with the Mets and Rangers since he was traded from his hometown Atlanta. But what people should remember about Frenchy is what he did yesterday to a whole section of fans in Oakland...

It all began last September when Francoeur engaged with a bunch of Oakland diehards seated out in right field on a night when it happened to be “Bacon Tuesday.” The following evening he strolled to his spot in right and threw a ball in their direction with a hundred dollar bill wrapped around it along with a note that read, “Beer or Bacon Dog on me. Jeff Francoeur.” And it’s been authentic love ever since.

He did it again last night — 20 pizzas to Section 149 (here’s video). Jeff Francoeur is awesome.

Those same well-fed fans presented him with a green shirt that said “Second Annual Bacon Fest sponsored by Jeff Francoeur.” Here’s the keeper quote from Frenchy: “I told them I’ll come out early and hang out with them in the parking lot and eat bacon.”

Yes indeed. Frenchy is pretty fucking awesome. The guy who replaced him in Atlanta, Jason Heyward, was asked what he would do if fans made a shirt of himself to honor him and he responded with "SUE THE MOTHERFUCKER!"*

*=Heyward didn't actually say this and please don't sue us...again.

Frenchy by the way got a shirt at the Second Annual Bacon Tuesday and asked for every member of the section to autograph for him. Seriously. Don't believe me then look for yourself.