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Friday, May 18, 2012

Chicago vs Chicago: Round 2

Ok this needs to be said about the New Era hats once and for all. The flat brims are horrible. They are so damn hideous and red neck trash looking that even the bros wear them and think they look cool. Wrong. It looks ridiculous. You look like a blind carnie with a devastating limp trying to hump a dog with that flat brim brah! So please stop it with the flat brim look and for the love of all holy take off the damn sticker. We get it. You got a new hat instead of a high school diploma. Congratulations. The $35 you dished out still won't earn you any respect so just do us all a big favor and take off the sticker. As a business owner all the flat brims with the stickers on them just stamp a giant UNEMPLOYABLE right across your ugly mug. It's basically a neck tattoo in chinese characters that translates to don't hire me.

Any ways Round 2 of the Chicago vs Chicago was a giant step down from the epic round 1. I might as well post it for everyone to see. And please New Era can you make the hats less stiff. I want a relaxed fit, not a damn Shriners cone on my head.

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Cheese-Whistle Mcstink said...

Amen brother. You made me laugh out loud with that commentary.