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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reds Fan Catches Back-to-Back Home Run Balls

I've gone on record saying I've never caught a foul ball let alone a home run and I've probably attended well over 300 ball games in my lifetime and yet this lucky SOB catches back-to-back home run balls in Cincinnati. Unbelievable! I guess the key for me to finally catching one is to go to the next Braves game Mike Minor is pitching and sit in left center. Obviously it doesn't even matter if the opposing pitcher is hitting my chances of catching a home run ball are exponentially greater with Minor throwing BP, I mean pitches. By the way I never understood the throwing back of the home run ball if it's the visiting team who hits one. Fuck that! There is absolutely no way I would ever throw it back just like there is absolutely no way I would have Minor start another game over Kris Medlen if I were Fredi Gonzalez.

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