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Friday, September 07, 2012

Orioles Magic Is Back!

With the 10-6 win last night in front of a packed house full of Orange and Black in Camden Yards the Orioles are in a dead heat with the hated New York Yankees. To say this season was unexpected for this Orioles fan would be understatement. I thought they would be awful and predicted them to finish last in the AL East...again.

Luckily the players and manager Buck Showalter could give two shits about my opinion or any others when it came to predictions and have brought back "Oriole Magic."

I got chills last night in the first inning and literally lost my voice screaming when Wieters hit this 3 run pop fly over the left field fence. Oriole Park was again rocking. It's been too long. 15 years to be exact since the Orioles were in contention in September. And now I don't want to wake up.

This has been the dream season. A cast of unheralded castoffs from other clubs and unproven young players have carried them all season to go along with the best bullpen in the majors. Hopefully last night was just a preview of things to come for the Orioles and their home crowds with people coming out in full force to support a team that deserves everything they get.

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