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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vanderbilt's James Franklin's Business Card Is Completely Boss

No wonder Vanderbilt is now somewhat competitive in the SEC.  Holy shit look at that complete boss business card head football coach James Franklin is carrying.  Patrick Bateman would literally kill for that fucker.

I'm the CEO* of a booming internet sports apparel business and I don't even carry a business card.  Even if I did have one it wouldn't be nearly as cool as this one.  It would be like wearing a Swatch watch at a a Breitling party.  I just feel inadequate after seeing Franklin's business card.  If I'm a football recruit I sign my letter of intent as soon as Franklin hands over that bad boy.

I got $500 on Lane Kiffin's business card is printed on toilet paper?  Anybody want to take the bet?

Via SB Nation

* code for raging functional alcoholic who sells t-shirts on the side.

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