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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Manti Te'o Runs a 4.71, Talks To Jon Gruden

First round lock. Some team will fall in love with Manti Te'o. He won't go in the first 15 picks but I think either the Giants or the Bears get him in the 19-20 range. They both need middle linebackers. If they decide to skip out on Manti no way he lasts past the Vikings who have the 23rd and 25th pick.


Anonymous said...

Given the mental instability surrounding Manti, teams will pass him over early and often. Add his national title game tape to the mix, and you are looking at a 2nd round guy. I know that you are an ND guy, but the shine has completely come off of this nut job.

Skeptic Dawg

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Mental instability? GTFO of here with that garbage. Te'o had one horrible game. That's it. He finished 2nd in the Heisman and won 6 awards last year. He's a great player. And since when did "nut job" effect linebackers who hit people? Maybe the Ravens should have let go of Ray Lewis a long time ago. Or the Vikings should have passed on Randy Moss like all those other idiot teams. Te'o is the most talented inside linebacker in this draft. First round lock. Stop looking at one game to define a career. And get your head out of Georgia's ass.