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Monday, July 22, 2013

Alabama's New Football Facilities Are Incredible

Well if you ever expected a Bama football player to actually attend class then this new football only facilities will no doubt squash those expectations. This is the definition of football factory. Bama just shit all over Oregon in terms of decadence and bravado with their new facility. Am I jealous? Fuck yeah I am. Good luck to the rest of the SEC when trying to get a recruit over Bama. One look inside this place and all the first round draft picks and you can pretty much count Bama as the destination for elite recruits.


Anonymous said...

Where's the study lounge?

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Hahaha...The only thing they need to study is the playbook at Bama.

Zach said...

As a former music education major from WVU, I can only shake my head. This country has some misplaced priorities, and I say that as someone who loves college football. I wish I could take Nick Saban into the bandroom at my new job, or have him talk to art-related educators who have had their jobs cut or downsized, and listen to him explain to me and them how this extravagance is justifiable.