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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This is a Shirt we can back: Hugs For Votes #VoteFreddie

Atlanta Braves designated hugger/first baseman Freddie Freeman is in a competitive All-Star vote war with rookie sensation Yasiel Puig for the final spot. Of course everybody on ESPN has been shilling for Puig to make the All-Star team so some of Freeman's teammates thought it was time to show their support for their favorite hugger on the team. The t-shirt is a subtle hint that Freeman not only delivers the best hugs but he also delivers when runners are in scoring position and he deserves your vote. So do your part and #VoteFreddie today. ESPN even has the PTI guys doing their dirty work. This is openly campaigning for Puig to make the All-Star team despite only playing a little over one month of the season.


Anonymous said...

Where can fans get these shirts?!

Anonymous said...

yes please!^