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Monday, August 05, 2013

Johnny Manziel Likely To Be Suspended For Signing Autographs For Money, Picture is Proof

Another new week and yet another new Johnny Manziel controversy. And this one is more than likely to get him suspended.

Allegedly Manziel received 5 figures to sign multiple photos, jerseys, and mini helmets down in Miami back in January before the BCS National Title game from an autograph broker. There were multiple witnesses in the hotel room when Manziel signed the items. If AJ Green can get suspended for 4 games for selling his Liberty Bowl jersey for $1000 you have to imagine the NCAA or Texas A&M will suspend him for as many games if not longer. It's a clear NCAA infraction and every football player knows the rule. While I can agree the rule isn't really fair for the athlete because I think they should be given a chance to make money off their own name it is still a rule and a violation on Manziel's part. He has to be suspended.

Which royally sucks because I wanted to see him play vs Bama. Everybody wants to see Johnny Football play. The only problem is he keeps making stupid decisions off the football field and now this will cost him and his team big time. Some people just can't handle the Heisman hype. And it's not like Manziel needed the money. The kid has rich parents who send him everywhere and he doesn't even have to go to class. His Dad gave him a new Mercedes just because he didn't want Johnny to accept improper benefits. It's pretty clear that Johnny can't handle the spotlight. And you know NFL personnel are taking notes on this.

My prediction is Texas A&M will withhold Manziel from the first two games in hope of appeasing the NCAA and then have him play vs Bama Sept 14th. Just a wild guess on my part.

Image via Joe Schad

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