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Friday, August 09, 2013

Johnny Manziel's Attorneys Predict He Will Start Vs Rice, Appear to be a Firm Called Broke and Back

Yes those are the official pictures of lawyers representing Johnny Manziel. No that is not Champ Kind from Anchorman and they do not represent Broke and Back. They are actual Texas lawyers. And they believe their client Manziel will play vs Rice.

"I can't say much," Darnell told USA TODAY Sports, "other than we're working through the process. He's cooperating with the investigation. We think when all this comes out on the other end, he'll be the starting quarterback for the Aggies against Rice."

Well that's all we needed to know. When you are facing two attorneys with cowboy hats you have little to no chance of beating them. It's just common knowledge. Don't ever fuck with a guy wearing a cowboy hat.

See you game day Johnny Football.

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