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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Les Miles Bitched Out and Let Team Vote Jeremy Hill Back on LSU Team

Total bitch move here by LSU head coach Les Miles. Sophomore RB Jeremy Hill was caught on tape sucker punching some dude in the back of the head and will not serve any kind of suspension. Yeah that should teach Hill a good lesson. The lesson being if you rush for 755 yards and score 12 TDs your freshman year you can pretty much do anything you want. Shit he might as well get in his car and run the guy over now.

PS-No joke Jeremy Hill might be the best runningback in the SEC. I know Bama and Georgia fans could argue this for days with TJ Yeldon and Todd Gurley both beasts but Hill has that extra something special. He's the kind of back who could beat the shit out of you without even looking. Yeah that type.

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