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Thursday, August 08, 2013

The US Open Starts Today in Oak Hill, Check Out Rory McIlroy's Pad in Florida

Yeah I know this video of Rory McIlroy's home down in Jupiter, FL has nothing to do with the US Open starting in Oak Hill Country Club up in Rochester, NY today but I've always been fascinated by athlete or celebrities homes. Like where do they keep the dead hookers? Are the slaves always in the bottom dungeon? Just a few of the questions that pop in my head along with number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Since ESPN keeps getting away from actual sports highlights I say they do a show just on athlete's homes. It can be hosted by Darren Rovell and sponsored by Nike and Bose. Nice pad by the way McIlroy. But it's missing a key ingredient: Guinness tap. I thought all rich Irishmen had one of those.

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