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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top 5 College Football Entrances

1. Virginia Tech's "Enter Sandman" into Lane Stadium is electrifying. Goose bump city. I would run through a wall coming out of the tunnel to that crowd and song.

2. University of Colorado with Ralphie the Buffalo running wild on the field. Some people like sideline reporter Jim Knox just can't handle the overall awesomeness of a wild beast running rampant in Boulder. It's about the only thing worth watching when it comes to Colorado football.

3. FSU's Spear in the middle of the field is fucking epic. Never been a Semen holes fan but I can admit their entrance is one of the best in college football.

4. Tennessee's running through the "T" formed by the Pride of the Southland Marching Band is a tradition unlike any other in the SEC.

5. Clemson coming down the hill in Death Valley after touching Howard's Rock brings chills to the purple and orange faithful.

Honorable mention: Wisconsin's Jump Around. Only because it is between the third and fourth quarters is why it doesn't get into the top 5 entrances. Still awesome to see so many drunks in Madison going crazy.

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nutrition 101 said...

tennessee running through a T, clemson touching a rock and running down a hill????? you forgot one