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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Battle of Bristol Announced Between Tennessee and Virginia Tech

160,000 fans?  Holy shit.  This is going to be epic.  Unfortunately it's going to be a snoozer of a game between two programs who's better days are way behind them.  Tennessee hasn't been good since Phil Fulmer was winning Cups in Knoxville.  Virginia Tech hasn't been a national title contender since Michael Vick was electrocuting puppies for sport.  But forget about the game itself.  The tailgating should be out of this world.  And really it's the only reason to attend the event.  Granted Tennessee and Va Tech could rebound by 2016.  But this video makes it look like a clash between Alabama and Oregon.  Clearly it is not.  Bristol, TN is not that far away from Atlanta.  I've sworn to my grave I would never attend a NASCAR event but this is different.  It's college football inside a left turn only speedway.  I would think it would be on par with attending Preakness.  Beer will be flowing.  Fuck it I'm in!

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